Jen & Wes’ Wedding in Clearwater Beach, FLNovember 13, 2008

Since moving from sunny Florida to the mountains of South Carolina, it’s not often that we get to do a beach wedding anymore, so it’s always exciting when one comes along. Jen and Wes gave us one such opportunity recently. Though their original plans of having the ceremony on the beach fell through, we still got to go to the beach for some awesome sunset shots, so we were thrilled. And where they ended up having the ceremony, the historic Bellevue Biltmore hotel, had a lot of neat architecture and charm so between that and the beach, we had so much variety we were in photo heaven! Aside from the fact that they are a really fun couple, the whole day was like a reunion with Jen’s family since we shot her sister Kelli’s wedding last year. Everyone made us feel so welcome and like part of the family.

The reception was held at one of Jen and Wes’ favorite restaurants, Tucson’s. And once again, Jen’s Martha-Stewart-eat-your-heart-out Aunt Patty, with help from the fam, did an amazing job decorating both the restaurant and ceremony site. We’re almost sad that Jen doesn’t have any other siblings so we can be a part of another O’neal shindig! Oh well, there’s always babies, which Kelli has already got a jump on (see her first bundle of joy a few posts down). But feel free to take your time with that Jen and Wes. Look at us, we’re pushing 6 years of wedded bliss and the closest we’ve come to a little one is a cat that acts like a dog! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Be sure to check out a different kind of slideshow below.

Now’s the part of the post where we usually show a cool slideshow of some of our favorites from the day. Well we’re going to try something different this time. As most of our clients know, we specialize in custom-designed albums to really showcase all the beauty and fun of a couple’s wedding day. That’s why we thought instead of just a bunch of our favorite images in a slideshow, we’d show their album design so people can get a feel for what we do.

Jen & Wes,

BIG thanks again to you and all your family and friends for making us feel so welcome and having us at your most awesome beach wedding! We can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks of all the images.

Curtis & Emily
Kismet Photography

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