Conner turns 1!!! Cakes BEWARE!!!February 18, 2010

Our good friends Christy and John’s little man Conner turned 1 year old recently. And to commemorate this epic moment in his life, they brought him by the studio for a fun shoot…that turned into a massacre! A fun and ultimately very funny massacre that is. See for yourself:

We started off with a mirror and a little window light. He wasn’t nearly as intrigued with his own reflection as he was with Emily’s.

What’s a birthday celebration without balloons?!

And lots of them…

raining from the sky!

What can we say, the chemistry between us and our subjects is…electric!

And so it begins…

“Seriously…this is all for me?!”

“ooooooooo the sugar is hitting me!!!!”

“uuuggghhh the sugar is hitting me uuunnhhh.”

“I am so gonna get you guys back for this!”

“mmmm CHOCOLATE!!! Where have you been hiding all my life?!”

(Picture an opera singer voice) “I looove CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!”

Happy Birthday Conner! We enjoy watching you grow, just don’t do it too fast. 🙂

Thanks to Christy & John for going along with our idea. It was uber-messy but definitely worth it.

Curtis & Emily
Kismet Photography

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